new & easiest way

to engage customers


Send massive texts or image messages to your customers.

Free to start. No credit card required.

Why you should use text marketing

Open rate over 99%

Every person has a cell phone and everyone checks their messages upon arrival.

Send special offer by text messages

You can notify your customers about sales, discount coupons, special events and anything else with a single click.

Send pictures of new products by image messages

Even better, send customized image messages to catch your customers' attention with new product arrivals and sales

Texty Marketing should be the first choice of your marketing strategy.

Most businesses use email for their marketing strategy, because it is free. However most emails end up in the spam folder and customers ignore them, but everyone checks their messages.

Awesome Features

Unlimited Contacts

You can add as many contacts as you want. There is no limit.

Fast and Reliable

We have a delivery rate of 99%.

Simple to use

Create contacts, add them to your list and click send.

Dedicated Phone number

You can choose between 1 to 10 dedicated phone numbers for your business depending on your plan.

Multiple Asian language

You can send messages in either Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Auto Scaler

Distribute messages across a group of dedicated phone numbers to reach large audiences in a short amount of time.

Pricing Plan

You will need to subscribe to plan & purchase credits separately.

Free Plan


0 Dedicated phone number

100 Free credits

Bronze Plan


/ month

1 Dedicated phone number

Daily message limit is 250 messages

Silver Plan


/ month

3 Dedicated phone number

Daily message limit is 750 messages

Gold Plan


/ month

5 Dedicated phone number

Daily message limit is 1250 messages

Credit Price

Pay as you go.

700 credits


Up to 700 text messages

(or) Up to 233 image messages

1125 credits


Up to 1125 text messages

(or) Up to 375 image messages

2000 credits


Up to 2000 text messages

(or) Up to 666 image messages

2900 credits


Up to 2900 text messages

(or) Up to 966 image messages

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